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Do you need experienced care for your children?

Perfection Agency offers a service that is difficult to find for today's parents: dependable, highly screened and experienced care for your children. We place the utmost priority on children and child-care.

Perfection Agency is based on the model that exceptional child care can best be provided in a setting where nanny and family are well harmonized, where each is prized and respected by the other, and where each understands the requirements of the other.

A Nanny cares for a family's children in the family’s residence. They craft a nurturing, protected and invigorating atmosphere and are accountable for everything related to the children’s physical and emotional well being.

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Thank for being so helpful in guiding us through the process of finding the right nanny. Perfection Agency made this task effortless and we could not be more pleased with the results."

Ann Marie Heaney
Massapequa NY

Services offered:

  • Nannies (full time or part time)
  • Temporary need Nannies
  • Newborn Specialists (Baby Nurses / Evening Nanny)

Responsibilities of a Nanny:

  • Preparing of the Children's Meals
  • Child-related Errands
  • Driving the Children to Appointments and Activities
  • Children's Laundry Needs
  • Relevant Housekeeping Pertaining to the Children


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Qualifications for a Nanny:

  • Two to three years childcare experience or a bachelors degree in a child-related area of study
  • Outstanding verifiable employer references
  • Excellent five year driving record, proof of auto insurance, reliable transportation to and from work No Criminal Record
  • Verification of Good Health
  • Ability to provide A One-Year Obligation
  • Be A Non-smoker
  • Proof of Citizenship or Visa Documentation
  • Background Checks

All candidates must successfully pass the following:

  • Social Security Authentication
  • Criminal background check
  • Personality Profile
  • Sex Offender Check


"Hi Isabel

Perfection Agency has been a pleasure and a delight to work with. My husband and I were very anxious with finding a nanny for our son and daughter. But your professionalism and attention to detail allayed our fears. we couldn't be more satisfied and comfortable with our new nanny."

Thank You
Christine Gregor
Huntington N.Y.

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"Hi Isabel

Thank you for recommending Lisa to us as a nanny. She has been fantastic and the kids love her. The service that she has provided has, time and again, proven to be invaluable."

Thanks Again
Dawne McClusky
Bellmore N.Y.